The time has come for us to retire our local hobby;

It achieved everything we hoped for – in driving competition in the local press; in print and online – and we are all grateful to share in a richer Island-life for the creativity and innovation that we have seen develop over the years since we launched.

Now, in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest et al, we feel the local community is now very well served with free online platforms and groups – that hopefully, by their nature, will save more trees, and keep more oil & carbon in the ground too.

We had a lot of fun, and met a lot of great people running the website and magazine business – and would like to thank you all for your patronage.

We’re very happy to return to a more relaxed pace of life as consumers of local media, produce and services – with a greater appreciation for how hard the industry works.

Whilst, for security, we have taken the website offline, we will keep the magazine archives available online at

You can find the last of the printed collection at Jersey Archives and Société Jersiaise.

Local designers, developers and creatives – looking for an outlet for their valuable skills – may like to get in contact with us at

We work with companies around the world on creative and technical solutions, and have many clients that need more of our Island-based tenacity for innovating and creating. So, if you have ambition, broad horizons, and aim to be world-class in your work, then we might just have the perfect job for you – living here, and working globally.

With an extra special thank you to the staff, and dozens of contributors over the years, for their very personal enthusiasm and ambition with the magazine and website – we say goodbye to this project, and hello to new horizons.

See you at the beach,

Marcus, Larry & all of the Agent Design team.